Monday, June 13, 2011

Put LIFE out of its misery? Life really is just about consumption, reproduction, cannibalism, and addiction?

Thoughts about Antinatalism

via a new Antinatalism forum started by Francois Tremblay at graveyard of the gods.

h/t Check Your Premises: New antinatalist message board…

Do Not God


  1. Hum... I agree with Inmendham. Check out my blog as well!


  2. What's the point of living if you don't want to have kids? Maybe I worded that wrong, because I'm not implying that having kids is the whole point of living. Rather, why stay alive if one is so pessimistic about these things? It just stands to reason to me that if you find life worth living, life is worth making.

  3. Granted, the world population is actually shrinking;

  4. Wow, very nice. Another blog posts the videos I recommended. Thank you! These videos are full of insights, and I hope they can inspire someone else too.


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