Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is Christianity Under Attack in America?

This sounds mighty familiar... oh yeah, I recently posted something similar. Since that one was about Christians in Britain, though, this one gives America's persecuted Christians equal time to whine.

America's War on Christianity

The description at Amazon says:
There is a war raging in America. On one side sits religion and freedom. On the other side, atheism and Statism.

Hmm, why are most American Christians outright statists then? I don't mean to say that they are minarchists who believe that some minimal government is necessary. You could say that of some libertarians who nevertheless consider themselves anti-statists, but not most Christians, who believe in going to Big Daddy Government to impose their vision of society on everyone. Do they oppose the drug war? No! The wars of U.S. aggression? No! Draconian anti-abortion laws? No!  Who is this guy kidding? Maybe abortion is part of the atheist agenda? Drugs too? Anti-war protests also an atheist conspiracy? Does this nut even know what statism is? Hey, if he's really an anti-statist, God bless him, but in that case he should start first among his fellow believers, because on the issue of the evils of statism, they are the real lost sheep.


  1. Religion in this case christianity is simply decomposing and is accepted only by the parasitic and delusional who claim the compost is “the living word”- sad actually.

  2. A person will tend to believe others will treat them the way they treated others. The thief always makes sure his doors are locked, the liar trusts no one, and Christians believe they are being persecuted.

  3. I wonder if that 5 star rating is for the video or my commentary.

  4. Or is it because you posted it, not me?

  5. Or is it because you posted it, not me?

    Hm, looks like you've found the cure for low star disease; just start posting everything under the name "Nikk J".


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