Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secession Gala and NAACP Protest Against Southern Heritage

On 20 December 2010 the NAACP protested the Secession Gala in Charleston, SC marking the 150th anniversary of South Carolina's secession from the United States back in 1860. This video from SNN documents the NAACP's protest of the event and includes interviews with various protesters as well as Southern heritage supporters and even modern secessionists. Thanks to everyone who allowed SNN to interview them!

Southern Nationalist Network


  1. Why can't niggers just shut up and hang from trees, like the good ole days? Am I right fellers? Now lets go fuck our cousins.

  2. Typical anti-Southern bigotry from Ginx. Why am I not surprised?

  3. I know, fucking NAACP. Don't they know the Civil War was about state's rights and the war in Iraq is about terrorism? I mean, just ask the people who started those wars, they would know, right? Those spear chuckers should be happy we abducted them from their malaria infested continent to a nation that loves and accepts them and treats them equally.

  4. The NAACP? They are a bunch of ignorant, pro-state haters of liberty, and racists as well.

    When you have an actual (and coherent) anti-secession argument, let me know.

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  6. No no, I think it's a wonderful idea when poor white people fight and die for rich white people's right to own black people. That is as noble as it gets. Clearly the South was right. It's a crying shame I can't own Morgan Freeman.

  7. As I said, Bret, let me know when you've got something resembling an argument.

  8. Why would I argue against slavery? I'm white?

  9. [No no, I checked, I am white, no question about it.]

  10. {Puts on serious face for a second.}

    What "states rights" were the southern states fighting for, by the way?


  11. What "states rights" were the southern states fighting for, by the way?

    The right to leave the Union, Bret; the ultimate Constitutional check on Federal power. Perhaps you haven't read the 9th and 10th amendments, but since Lincoln and the end of the War of Northern Aggression, they've become null and void, unenforced and ignored by the courts. Leaving the Union was a basic right of the "free and independent" states, until Dishonest Abe took it away, not by legal means or argument, but by your preferred method, might makes right and the force of arms.

    Slavery was certainly an issue in the war, but it's simple-mined to say, well slavery is evil, therefore the South was wrong to secede and Lincoln was right to crush succession by any means necessary, however unconstitutional. Slavery couldn't have lasted much longer anyway, but we live with the results of Abraham Lincoln's evil to this day.

    And slavery was not the immediate issue that Lincoln was challenging, and slave states remained in the Union at the start of the war.

  12. The right to leave the Union

    Oh what a delightfgul tautology.

    Northern aggression? Read your history, pal. The South attacked Fort Sumter under the pretext it was to be abandoned on an impossible schedule. What's more, the South didn't just sit and defend their positions in their own states, they advanced throughout the war. I'm calling bullshit on your ridiculously wishful dream of a noble exit that was met with aggressive action by the North.

    If this was a fight, the South hit the North, and after a lengthy brawl, the North won. Cry more.

    The entire war was about the Southern States being in the pockets of wealthy slave-holders, who made their fortunes on the backs of unpaid and heavily abused laborers, and was fought on the Southern side by poor white trash who could be suckered into fighting for the simple accident of what geographical location they were born in.

    You literally are defending slavery by saying "The South" was right to secede. They had no other reason to, none. Zero. You cannot provide me one non-slavery motivation for Southern secession at that time that was presented by the people doing the seceding. You can make all the bullshit arguments you want, but it was simply about slavery and the stupidity of poor southern whites.

    Get the fuck over it, bitch.

  13. What's more, the South didn't just sit and defend their positions in their own states,

    The tyrant Lincoln declared they did not have the right to leave the Union, so what choice did they have. The difference was the South just wanted to be independent, and moving into Northern territory (as Lee did) was only an attempt to achieve that goal and end the war quickly, not to conquer the North, whereas the North used force and massive death and destruction to subdue the South and bring it back into the Union against its will. The war would have ended instantly if Lincoln had let the South leave. That was the issue.

    And don't ever tell me I'm a slavery defender again, you motherfucking statist phony "liberal". You assholes are all alike, as you keep proving over and over.

  14. You are a slaver, you fucking fascist. You carry the banner of a bunch of slavers and you act proud of a slaughter carried out for nothing but the cause of exploitation economics.

    Why don't you actually read the "causes" for the war, as stated by the Southern States. They crow about the American Revolution and states' rights without bringing up any issue but slavery, the expansion fo slavery to other states, the return of escaped slaves from free states, etc.

    There's a lot of reasons I could understand why a state would want to secede, but slavery isn't one of them, and that was the reason for the Confederacy. Like I said, get over it. You can stop being a racist tool at any time.

  15. Ginx, your bullshit has piled to an epic height, so high it's about to topple over. Francois Tremblay had you pegged right when he called you a ridiculous poser.

    And I told you not to ever call me a slavery supporter again, you fascist fuck! Don't try and pull that "racist" card shit on me, asshole! Go crawl back into your politically correct hole and whine about how anarchists and secessionists are really fascists while you spout the party line of the State.

    proud of a slaughter

    Lincoln caused the slaughtering, you asswipe! And Lincoln was willing to let slavery stand in order to "save the Union". What part of that don't you understand? The underlying issue was NOT slavery. Now go fuck yourself.


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