Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


  1. There's enough money. It's how it's appropriated and the philosophical mindset behind it the issue. Up here, the public health system stinks not because of a lack of funds - there's plenty of it - but mismanagement while over 70% of the money goes to salaries/labour.

    By all measures, our public school system seem to outperform the U.S.

    I'll coment on the rest, if I have anything relevant to say, when I watch the entire video. Just wanted to get the money thing out of the way.

  2. While this video does go a little far in implying that there's some conspiracy behind fluoride and immunizations (if true, it's really just bad policy from bad scientific practices), it was an overall well down video. The whole system of government education was designed to make the population docile and obedient to the State.

    I am largely opposed to any form of government education and I believe that we have the right to teach our children in the best way we see fit. If I am accused of indoctrination, too bad. For over a century now, we have suffered the indoctrination of government schools and it has made things worse, not better. Idiocracy won't take 5 centuries, it's pretty much here right now.


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