Monday, December 27, 2010

The Bret "Ginx" Alan Singers

Over the past couple of days, this blog has been jammed with hundreds of fans, well-wishers and reporters, and they all agree that never has Skeptical Eye witnessed the excitement generated by these youngsters from the blogosphere who call themselves the Bret "Ginx" Alan Singers. Now, you're going to twice be entertained by them..right now, and who knows when.

Ladies and gentlemen...THE BRET "GINX" ALAN SINGERS!



How we miss you....oh how we miss you...oooohhh Bret!

Weeeeeell, we thought we could live without you, that SE would beeee the same...but we soon realized, when we opened our eyes...that it just weren't the same without youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


Bret "Ginx" Alan! Bret "Ginx" Alan! Bret "Ginx" Alan, you're more than a salad! You're one in a million, in a billllllllllllllllion! Oh Bret, what shall we dooooooooooo?

We miss already, your very steady, "fuck you"s and "retard"s and "fuck off you pro-slavery racist"s, and we know now that SE will never be the same...

Ohh, if only...if only, we could plead and cajole thee and...

get you back in the gaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

Oh Bret, we love you, yeah, yeah yeah! We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah! We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

All right! A big round of applause for the Bret Alan singers! Bravo, bravo! Now, they'll be back later in the blog (though we can't say when) for another incredible performance, so calm down, people.


  1. Catchy.

    Need more cow bell though.

  2. Not catchy enough for Mr. One Star rating, though. Actually, I think I have to agree with that single star, at least as far as the "song" goes.

  3. Need more cow bell though.

    Next time, for sure.

  4. I assure everyone there was no drama. I was actually away at my parents' house during the entire time I was not a contributor, and I didn't know it happened until I came back yesterday.

    Show's over, nothing to see here. Move along, people.

  5. Somehow I think this was more likely censored and sounded more like a Anthony Ray song... I can hear is now...


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