Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fox News: NBA War On Christmas?


  1. Well, not to say nothing, but just because we play sports on Christmas doesn't make it right. Maybe the right are a little too excited in declaring a war on everything but this guy is no better in his smug delivery of the facts.

    Personally, and I've spent a lifetime in sports, I wouldn't play on Christmas. ONE lousy fricken day for families to gather on what should be a religious if not spiritual day and we can't even do that?

    Here in North America our family values stink.

    Meanwhile in Europe, soccer SHUTS DOWN for the Christmas holiday and resume only one week after the New Year.

    So screw the right for their hyperbole but fuck the left for their own arrogance about such days. Some of us may tie ourselves into knots about the historical accuracy of anything and everything but I'm comfortable in arguing that not even the cocky philosophers of the Enlightenment were this hostile to religion.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Another thing. He was pointing out people who work in essential services - doctors, cops etc.

    Sports are not essential. Banks close for the holidays and so does construction.

    It was a bull analogy.


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