Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apple Latest Scumbag Company to Turn On WikiLeaks

Apple has removed an unofficial Wikileaks app from sale in the iTunes App Store just five days after it went live.

WikiLeaks App went live on 17 December - meaning Apple will have approved it - offering access to the site's leaked documents and the latest updates from the official Wikileaks Twitter account. It automatically forwards to mirrored Wikileaks content and gives full access to CableGate information.

Developer 'Igor Barinov', or @wikileaksapp on Twitter, said the app was removed "without reasons' by Apple. He'd earlier said that half the money raised from sales of the app, which cost $1.99, would be donated to Wikileaks and claimed $1,000 had been raised by Sunday, mostly from US sales.-Apple pulls Wikileaks app

Oh well, Apple sucks anyway. Mac and Apple fans are retarded, so what do you expect.


  1. Why is everyone hating on Wikileaks? I thought wikileaks was supposed to help get the truth out?

  2. Come on fellow atheists... isn't this always what happens when someone exposes the big lies?

  3. Corporate politically correct world - Just the short list not willing to buck the banks...

    What, did we expect some actual fortitude in corporate america?


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