Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Real Fake Gerald Celente Predictions for 2011

People will organize water riots with the hopes that authorities will turn the hoses on them.

Alchemy will really take off; invest in lead, not gold.

Young couples will have children solely for the meat babies provide.

More elderly parents will turn to their children for housing and will take up residence in the backseat.

In entertainment, expect comebacks from Mel Gibson and the kid from “The Sixth Sense.”

Liberty is under attack, and she finally runs out of ammo – should have invested in lead…

America afflicted by crime wave caused by criminals wearing jetpacks.

Someone will be killed by an alligator.

The revolution is coming, and it will be twated on MySpacebook and read through 3D glasses by people who I’m told know what 2.0 means… oh yes, I roll that way.

Most of these won’t come true, so I can repeat them for a whole new year.


  1. Someone will be killed by an alligator.

    I think that one's gonna come true. How many people are killed by alligators each year? Gotta be at least one.

  2. Gerald was a little iffy and said it might be a crocodile, depending on how expensive the price of oil gets.

  3. Not if Billy the Exterminator is around to prevent gator deaths!

  4. I love the star hate, because doom and gloom is serious business, people!


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