Sunday, December 26, 2010

Silver Shortage?

We are running out of physical silver. That’s great- if you own a lot. It is getting harder and harder to buy silver bullion anywhere in the world. Soon you will not be able to buy silver at all. Silver stocks are a poor second. The silver stocks have performed poorly and erratically. The HUI to silver ratio has fallen to a mere 19 to 1. Bullion has been outperforming the miners for years now. Gold bullion is a poor third. Silver ETFs are a scam. The COMEX is empty, just like Ft. Knox is empty. Both are self auditing, which is the same as no auditing at all. Soon only the industrial users will get silver, and consumers won’t get any.

Your poor old author has an answer for some of you....Find one of the endless storefronts in your town that hasn’t been rented for years. Offer the landlord half of what he wants. Put a big sign on the store, “BUY YOUR SILVER”. The sheeple will come to your store to sell their silver. No gold, just silver. The pawn shops and coin dealers are paying people a fraction of the worth for silver (and gold). Don’t pay people premiums for anything at all. Rare coins, silver ware, hollow ware, jewelry, and other expensive silver items get melt value. You won’t believe how many desperate fools will come to your door. You can do that right now if you want. Just find out what the pawn shops are paying, and add 10% to that. That simple, add 10% to whatever the pawn shops are paying. Put a sign on your window, “We Pay The Most- Guaranteed”. Pay by check, and don’t have cash in the store, or you’ll get robbed. Put ads in your local paper or just depend on drive-by traffic.

Mega Silver Shortage


  1. Nice post. We tend to go for gold, (with a bit of silver here and there) but my partner is ready to ramp up the silver accumulation.

  2. I recommend expanding your portfolio into unobtanium.


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