Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now Right Twice A Day!

I have a confession to make. In the age of the ubiquitous cell phone, I still wear a watch. You might think my watch wearing is therefore only a fashion statement, but believe me, that isn't really possible when you never pay more than twenty bucks for a timepiece. No, my reasons are purely utilitarian; I like to know what time it is. Sure, I could look at my phone, but I find it easier to check the time by just a quick glance at my wrist. I mostly use my watch at work, so I can keep looking at it during my breaks and lunch to make sure I get back to my wage slave desk in time. I even take it off when I'm working, but make sure to grab it and put it back on even for a bathroom break (don't want to get in trouble for being away from my desk too long), so, sure, I don't really enjoy watch wearing either, but I do find find it more convenient sometimes.

My current watch was a gift from my dad, and just a little more expensive than my usual watches. It isn't anything fancy, but did come with several interchangeable cloth bands. The bands get dirty over time, and the one I was using was looking quite filthy (so dirty I didn't want anyone to see it, so took to always wearing long-sleeved shirts while wearing it). Then I remembered I had one band left I hadn't used yet. Yeah, it was a strong florescent green in color, but what the heck, it was clean! I removed the old band and put the fresh one on yesterday morning. Hey, I suddenly had a brand-spanking new watch! I wouldn't have to hide it anymore (no, I would; that horrible green color). Oh well, it was clean! I put it proudly on and headed off for work.

On my way to work I kept looking at my watch. Damn I was making good time! I could even make a quick stop! I did so, then got back in my car, glanced again at my watch, and was amazed. I still had plenty of time and could drive the rest of the way without risking a speeding ticket. Shortly after, on the freeway, when I again checked the time on my watch, I knew something was wrong. It still said it was ten minutes before the hour. What the hell! It was ten minutes before the hour ten minutes ago! Then I noticed something was wrong with the second hand. It had fallen off and dropped away from the other hands! The watch was stopped.

I pulled into work a few minutes late. Maybe I should have checked the time while I was driving by pulling out my cell phone, but that would have risked a ticket for illegal cell phone use.

I guess it's off to Walmart tonight to buy new ten dollar watch.


  1. How is this a confession? I consider watches to be an indispensible component of proper, stylistic attire. But that's me - old fashioned.

    I can't leave the house without a watch. And I do spend susbantially more on them too!

  2. I agree with T.C.
    I have an Omega, and I don't leave the house without it. It also serves to tell time with unnecessary accuracy, and being a non-cellphoner this is nice.

  3. Now come on people!! This is a very serious confession! To NOT rely on your cell phone to meet your EVERY waking need including the alarm call that actually wakes you up in the first place is unthinkable ;) It is enough to put the average cell phone addict such as my wolfie self in a hi-security strait jacket!! Your cell phone is not only everything! It is your reminder for every conceivable event and there is no way your watch is going to do that for you! And remember one vitally important women take the judging of a man by his cell phone very very seriously!! It must be a top of the range, does everything you could possibly think of...oh! And be useable for calls occasionally so if you haven't got one! Well! All hope is lost!! Very enjoyable blog btw :) And remember...Confession is good for the feel better already?!!


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