Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Twitter Changing?

Having recently joined the tweeting revolution (in spite of Bret Alan's "relevant two years ago" comment) it seems SE made the jump into tweetland at the perfect time...

2010 will be forever commemorated as the year Twitter matured from a cool but undecided teenager into a more confident and assertive young adult. While there’s still much room to mature and develop, Twitter’s new direction is crystallizing. With a new look, Dick Costolo as the new CEO, and an oversold new advertising platform, Twitter is growing into something not yet fully identifiable, but formidable nonetheless.

How Twitter is Changing: A new study reveals Twitter’s new direction

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  1. Yeah, I remember when MySpace was really popular with MSM sources... 2 years after it was relevant. But that never lost popularity.

    I mean seriously, how can 144 characters of information ever fail to be enough? Twitter is undeniably the future for stalkers with ADD.


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