Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are Christians the New Persecuted?

December 2010 on Channel 4 with Nicky Rawlins, Bishop Nick Baines, Gary MacFarlane, Peter Tatchell, Andrea Williams, Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, and Anjem Choudary.

The rise of aggressive secularism and radical Islam has left many Christians feeling under attack and unable to express their faith. Do Christians really face abuse and discrimination? Or are they just struggling to adjust to multi-faith Britain?


  1. I would say it's simply a rise in the Christian persecution complex... but frankly, it's not a rise at all, just business as usual.

  2. I'm sorta on Bret's route but I'm more willing to say it is under attack. Add that in the Muslim world Christians can be crushed at any time, I'd say it's a little rough from time to time.

    Here in Quebec, there have been impulses of muncipilaties and government "pushing back" asserting we are "Christian." It's all part of the "reasonable accomodation" debate we have.

    Britain is plain ridiculous. It's just plain political correctness gone awry over there.

  3. This has more to do with political “thought crime” political correctness, the influx of a parasitic class of several identifiable “minority” communities and the promotion of that invasion.

    It is not the Christians, if anything it is the fault of the "reasonable accomodation” so as to not look “racist” - fat chance that helped, and the era of the welcome placard got them a religion stuck in the middle ages (and all of the problems that causes).

    Stoning - coming to a Euro location near you!

  4. No one should ever be persecuted for their beliefs, even if they're unpopular.

    However, I have a feeling that the Christian couple in the beginning isn't telling us everything.

    After a bit of research, I learned the couple was from Kent, which is about 74% Christian. It's not like they were a minority.

    I'm just wondering if it has less to with with beliefs and more to do with actions. Who did they piss off?

  5. Honestly, I would least want to be Muslim, then Jewish, then atheist, then Buddhist, then Christian. I can't even think of a religious label that comes with more perks and less threats than Christianity.

    Add that in the Muslim world Christians can be crushed at any time, I'd say it's a little rough from time to time.

    Where is "the Muslim world?" Is that like a Muslim theme park in Dubai?

    I think you're painting with quite a big brush if you believe every Muslim nation treats people the same. Frankly, there's plenty of places in the South where a Muslim isn't exactly safe.

  6. In different pockets in several countries, Christian minorities, face more uncertainty than Muslims do in North America.

  7. In those packets, atheists are just as at risk, as are Jews, Buddhists... what's your point? That you see the world from a Christian perspective?


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