Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Wolf Haters

above video via Nature Nutz

But seriously, Ashley, haven't you "liberals" learned anything from liar Obama's continuation of Bush's wars? There is no change!

After eight years of conservation groups fighting tooth and nail to protect America's imperiled wildlife against the plans and rulings of the Bush administration, it looked as though the Obama administration would renew our commitment to conserving endangered species and biodiversity for future generations.

But this relief was short-lived.

Just three days after the president pledged to strengthen and restore scientific integrity to implementation of the Endangered Species Act, Secretary Salazar removed federal protection from gray wolves in the Northern Rockies. In making this decision, he adopted the plan developed by the Bush administration, relying on a flawed legal opinion crafted by that administration. His decision has undermined the protection of the gray wolf and countless other threatened and endangered species.-Interior Department's decision imperils wolves, Endangered Species Act

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