Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A decent leftist dies

RIP, Howard Zinn. Your works of revisionist history (extremely anti-state for the most part) will not be forgotten.


  1. My wife mentioned this to me right before we watched Obama's address tonight. I was like "Is he the guy who did the Standford Prison experiments?" Damn Z names.

    It is a true loss.

  2. Ginx is right. It is a very real loss. Howard Zinn will be greatly missed. He was 87, so he certainly lived a long life as human lifespans go (and they sure aren't long enough).

    He recognized something very important that most liberals and conservatives miss, and that is the true nature of the so-called "capitalist" system, which is really a state supported system of privilege, having little to do with actual free markets.

    No, he was no free market libertarian, but he was honest in his opposition to the corrupt amalgam of government and corporate power that currently dominates all our lives.

  3. ... and he knew a damn lot about not only history, but why history happened.


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