Monday, January 4, 2010

Marijuana Saved My Son's Life

Video via Liberty Pulse

I like the quote that "many doctors say treating a child" with marijuana is "dangerous". Funny though that pumping them full of Big Pharma's concoctions is A-OK! The child in the video was taking 13 prescription medications before his mom started baking him special brownies, and now he's down to just 3 prescriptions. How dangerous! (to Big Pharma's profits, that is).


  1. Two travesties in one.

    The pharmacy and doctors were seperated long ago (by Friedrich II in Europe) because doctors should not profit from the prescription of medicine. Having the pharmacy seperate from the doctor eliminates the incentive to prescribe unnecessary medications. Of course, if pharmaceutical companies give doctors free stuff all the time, handed out by busty blonde drug reps... well, you get the kind of corporate corruption that occurs in Washington. It's not like pharmacies are going to turn away a prescription. It's even more a racket in states where pharmacies can prescribe or pharmacies can be located in doctors' offices.

    Meanwhile, as thousands die every year from legal prescription drug use, cannabis kills no one and generates booming business for the snack food industry. Imagine if it was legalized and taxed... healthcare paid for.

  2. Sounds like a promising solution perhaps for more than just Autism. I found it pretty comical that the "doctor" expressed concern about a child becoming addicted to marijuana, but showed no concern that the child in the story had been taking 13 prescription drugs daily. Seems somebody needs to prioritize solutions over profits.


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