Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pat Buchanan: Why they are at war with us

The notorious "leftist" Pat Buchanan has a piece over at the American Conservative that should be required reading for every mindless "national defense" Republican.


  1. I can't stand Buchanan. Why is it that Muslims are at war with fellow Muslims? Since 1950, 10 million Muslims have died in conflict with fellow Muslims.
    Obama's objections are just smokescreen ones.
    If it isn't support for Israel, it will be cartoons of Mohammed.

  2. I have to say, Buchanan has been consistently clear from day one about his feelings on the decision to go to war in Iraq. He certainly doesn't believe America should use its power this way.

    I'm assuming you like this about him, SE?

  3. Baconeater: People blow themselves up over having lost a loved one in armed conflict, not over offensive cartoons. Yes, Muslim nations have fought amongst themselves. You really think the people living in those places don't yearn for an outside scapegoat? Why should we serve them one on a silver platter?


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