Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few really annoying things about job hunting

1) Applications that make you retype EVERYTHING in your damn resume. It takes forever to fill out and defeats the entire point of having a resume (to have all the relevant information nestled in one spot).

2) Job postings that preach about all the computer skills you need to be hired, even though the web geniuses constructing the website/application can't figure out how to properly hyperlink two friggin' pages together.

3) Psuedo-scientific "personality profiles." You had better be outgoing! Even if you're applying to be a midnight janitor.

4) Nosy applications that want to know *everything* you've *ever* done. How many times did you take a piss today? HR wants to know!

More when I think of them.


  1. I really hate the interview question "Why do you want to work here?", especially if it's for a job at a place like Subway.

    Duh, for money. Why else would I be applying for a job at a fast food place?

  2. I took the exam to be a census worker today... truly worthy of a blog post. Possibly tomorrow. And yet as weird as it was, it wasn't as painful as applying to positions in the private sector.


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