Thursday, January 21, 2010

They Believe Only What They See

Christian Missionary Deconverted by Tribe

"They made it clear that if I had not actually seen this guy [Jesus], they weren't interested in any stories about him."

Hmmm, see my post where I make the following point:

Further, how about when you ask Jesus into your heart, you actually see him in the flesh, just like old Doubting Thomas? How many ex-Christians would there be then? You could fall on your knees like in a Chick tract, only instead of just a feeling, you'd see Jesus and talk to him right there! Unbelieving mockers around you would see nothing, and think you'd gone crazy, but you could have them say the sinner's prayer and see Jesus too. Many people continually testifying to the same thing over and over would get even the most hardened skeptic to consider doing the same just to prove whether it was real or not.

"They didn't feel lost, so they didn't feel a need to be saved, either."

Of course! Christianity first has to induce guilt (or fear-Jack Chick tract, anyone?) in order to get people to feel the need for its worthless snake oil.

first video via Check Your Premises

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