Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Marriage Obsolete in the 21st Century?


  1. I hope not. Hubby and I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary this year. It hasn't always been easy but we still love each other.

    Green-Eyed Momster

  2. Great Post! I hope marriage isn't becoming obsolete. My husband and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary this August.

    I do think that many people take the easy way out instead of working at their marriages. There are good times and bad times in marriages and I think some people believe marriage is going to be a bed of roses and romantic all the time. Some people get hit with the hard hitting reality of marriage and all that it entails and are not prepared.

  3. I guess it's my job to be the married person who admits marriage is absolutely no different from simply living with the person you love... except for the health insurance.

    1. Thank you for saying it because many others feel the same way. There is nothing magical about a marriage certificate that makes a relationship better than it would have been otherwise.

  4. Absolutely not, although it seems society and the media is doing it's best to make it that way. People seem to be more attracted by the instant gratification and disposable way of thinking these days, rather than creating something, nurturing it and working on it.

    It's even becoming fashionable to celebrate divorce, which I strongly disagree with. Divorce means one or both of you haven't put enough effort into your marriage, or that you should never have been married in the first place - neither of which should be celebrated.

    For those of us that are happily married, we can look at the skeptics and cynics and know that we have something special.


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