Saturday, January 30, 2010

Arachno-Capitalism is Stupid

Video via Liberty Pulse

Of course, when you think about it, "arachno"-capitalism isn't really arachno at all. Everybody know that historically arachnism is socialist. All spiders have the means of production within them, they don't have to sell their labor to the capitalist spider bosses in order to have the silk to make a web and earn their own living.

Arachnids can truly show us the way to freedom from wage slavery and exploitation. Away with all fake arachnos and the fakest of them all, the phony "arachno"-capitalist!


  1. Arachno-Capitalism: setting up your means of production, then sitting back and waiting for the profits to fly in

    So much can be learned from our 8 legged comrads...

  2. Ginx, obviously we've only cracked the surface of what we can learn from spiders. Thanks for the link to the amazing video!


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