Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Some Stuff 10

Just Some Stuff is back. And why shouldn't it be back? I don't blog for any serious reason (I can't speak, of course, for other contributors here) even though you may sometimes think otherwise. It's not that certain things don't often get my blood boiling, and it's not that somewhere in the back of my mind I'm not thinking that maybe a post of mine might make a small difference (you know, if you can change one mind, influence one person for good and all that) but I'm really just here because most of the time I've got nothing better to do. You could change that, of course, by making this blog one those super popular blogs, but then again, I guess you can't do that. Only we can do that by what we post here, and even then, no matter how good we were (and I ain't very good, myself) luck would probably still have something major to do with it.

Is there a theme to this episode? You'll see bubbles a few times, so maybe that's it.

I could never be a creationist; I look too much like I had ape grandparents. My pro-evolution debate opponents would only need to point to my hairy body for proof that I didn't know what I was talking about.

Being the clever lad that I am, though, I would tell them that God just wants to keep me warm in the winter time, so there is a good reason for all my hair. Just as my nose is there to support my spectacles.

So, why do you have bad eyes in the first place, they might ask. Ha! It's the fall, fools! Things were a paradise on earth before Adam and Eve ate that piece of fruit.

Good creationists never let facts get in their way.

Okay, so what I wrote immediately above has nothing to do with bubbles. Then again, there was that Michael Jackson chimp...

Live and Let Die

I've always put a music video of some sort in these posts. Usually at least two. Here's one by Sir Paul, and as I recall, the original idea was to have a woman sing McCartney's composition for the movie's titles, as was normally the case in a James Bond film. But this was ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, and you don't tell him he can't sing his own song.

From the 1973 television special James Paul McCartney:

And the title sequence itself:

David Friedman likes long baths. He also would like a computer he can take to the bath with him. I guess those long hot soaks can get a little boring. What I really like are long, hot showers, like Kramer, only in a bathtub while sitting down. The best of both worlds! The problem is running out of hot water. I once had a perfect setup for such showers, however.

I was in an upstairs apartment and my bathroom was right above the giant multi-resident water heater. Hot water was free, so I could take never ending baths with what amounted to my own personal giant water heater. Since my pipes were so close to the source of heated bliss, I also never had to wait for the flowing water to warm up. Coming home from work never felt so good. And if I had a headache, a couple of hours in the shower, with the hot water streaming over my head, would work wonders. Hangovers weren't as responsive, but at least while I was under the spray of the shower head they were bearable. In an ordinary shower situation you'd have to come out when the hot water finally began to run cold, but not there. One time I even fell asleep in the bathtub with the water running and didn't wake up until the next morning. Who knows how many gallons I went through that time.

My shower habits eventually caught up with me. No, nothing to do with the amount I was using. But apparently water was getting past my glass shower doors and ending up on my bathroom floor. It came to a point where it started to leak into the apartment below me, and the manager sent someone up to my apartment to find out what was causing it. I told them it must be the toilet, which, on my word alone, they followed up on and resealed the toilet. I moved out shortly thereafter.

I tried taking baths again after that, but decided they weren't as good as my showers at the Hot Water Paradise apartments, so I went and bought some Mr. Bubble and added that to the experience. It was okay, but I didn't have as much fun with the makeshift toy boats as I remembered from childhood.

I don't know what the salamander below is on about, but he/she counts to ten with bubbles, and as this is the tenth Just Some Stuff (with added bubbles), that's good enough for me.

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