Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Walmart of Weed

In a 15,000-square-foot warehouse just down the road from the Oakland Airport, an entrepreneur is opening a one-stop shop for medicinal marijuana cultivation that's believed to be the largest in the state.

Don't know the first thing about growing pot? The folks at iGrow have a doctor on site to get you a cannabis card and sell you all the necessary equipment for indoor, hydroponic cultivation - from pumps, nutrients and tubing to lights and fans.

IGrow: Walmart of weed opens in Oakland

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  1. It was only a matter of time before companies started getting on board with cannabis. Now that it is gaining social acceptance and companies are profitting off of it, it will likely be legalized in our lifetime. I think the problem before was that the only people who accumulated money from the illegal sale of marijuana had every reason to keep it illegal, because taxes would just cut into their profit margin.


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