Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Anarchists are Against the Law


  1. Common law... state law... it's really nonsensical semantics. Wars and violence are characteristics of humans, not the state. The state is run by humans who are hopelessly imperfect, but so is the general population.

    Anarchy is, to me, nothing but an exaggeration. It's all well and good to say our leaders are awful (as there is truth in the statement), but it's naive to believe they can either be stripped of their power or that the power vacuum left by such an act would yield better results. Instead, anarchy is a step, not a goal. It is merely a call to restructure, which at its heart has nothing to do with "anarchy," but instead with ideological differences.

    In the end, to tout anarchy on the grounds that the state is unjust is hypocritical because there can be no anarchy without it being imposed on an unwilling population. What is the next step after anarchy but the unilateral institution of the of the prevailing rebels? Sounds kind of... fascist to me.

  2. Ginx, State propaganda has impaired your ability to comprehend reality. It's the years of brainwashing (schools, media, etc.) that has done this to you. Even when you talk sense and oppose the State's nonsense (as you sometimes do) you can't totally release your mind from its control.

    Anarchy equals fascism? You poor fool. They've got you, for sure.


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