Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gloomy Day Car Wash

Just got done washing my car. I don't really enjoy it, not like some people who seem to relish spending quality time with their transportation device. But, today being a quite gloomy and overcast day, with no Mr. Sun showing his bright yellow face, I actually had a good time out in the open air, with nothing but clouds above my head.

Happiness is a gloomy day, and ecstatic joy is a day of non-stop rain. I really need to move somewhere more in line with my weather preferences. Either that or stay indoors with the curtains drawn and my rain soundtrack CDs (I've got a great one with locomotives in the background and lots of thunder) playing endlessly.

Once I was at a laundromat, and behind the strip mall where it was located was a creek. I went out there during the wash cycle and placed a tape recorder on the bank. There were frogs out there, though you couldn't see them, and as it was getting late and nice and dark, they started making their usual frog sounds. So I pressed record and went back inside to take care of my clothes. I had that tape for a long time, and used to play it in the late evenings sometimes. Did I mention that in addition to the frogs, after I had gone back inside to place my laundry in the driers, it started raining?

I remember rescuing the precious cassette and the soothing sounds it held, but watching my ruined tape recorder slide through the mud and into the water, to float away and never be seen again.

I need more good days like that. All I've got to show for today's effort is a cleaner car. Not only that, but as I type these very words, I'm looking out the window and the sun is out! Dammit!

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