Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hero and Businessman Kim Dotcom

video via-LRC Blog

The real criminals have kidnapped him, seized his property and now are holding him, denying him bail. The "authorities" want to send (extradite) this non-criminal to the world's number one criminal and terrorist organization, the United States Government.

Dotcom has been held in custody since dozens of police raided his Coatesville mansion last month following a lengthy FBI investigation.

During the day-long hearing before Justice Asher, Dotcom’s lawyer, Paul Davison QC, appealed a decision by Judge McNaughton in the Auckland District Court last week which denied the 38-year-old German national bail.

Judge McNaughton had concluded that with all his resources, Dotcom posed a “significant” flight risk.

The defense said that Dotcom has several health-related conditions – one of which is thought to be diabetes – which cannot be properly dealt in prison, adding that the Megaupload founder wanted to be able to spend time with his wife who is currently carrying twins.

Just because Dotcom had access to a helicopter and private jet, Davison added, it did not follow that he would seek to use them to flee the country.

When it was Dotcom’s turn to take the stand he told the Court that during his high-profile arrest last month, police had assaulted him after finding him in a secure panic-room known as the “Red Room”.-Megaupload Founder Accuses Police of Assault, Denied Bail Again

Free Kim Dotcom


  1. Dude... this is not cool. I must say, Something must be done about Piracy of owned content, however.... this is like taking a hand grenade to kill a fly.

    1. On the contrary, NOTHING needs to be done about "piracy" as there is no such thing as "intellectual property", it is a statist fiction. What something must be done about is the fascism (alliance of corporations and the state) that we are living under.

    2. I don't have any respect for someone who makes money off of piracy. It's one thing to distribute things for free, it's another to get rich off of it.

      I'm kind of rooting for him to rot in jail.

    3. I'm kind of rooting for him to rot in jail.

      Of course you are. As a phony, a poser and a fake "liberal" who supports the capitalist, corporate, bankster system and copyright Nazism of the state, I expect as much from you.

      You have no problem, apparently, with the mega-corps that get rich and then use their power to get their partner, the state, to do their bidding to enforce their monopoly.

      And the government and mega corporation don't care if someone makes a profit off "piracy". Kim Dotcom was targeted because of the popularity of his site. He could have been giving everything there away for free, and they still would have gone after him. But you know that, don't you, you filthy little lying fool?

      Maybe it's your hatred for making money without being propped up by the state or coercing anyone that is behind your hatred for Kim (and Ron Paul).

      The mega-corporations (with their enormous crony capitalist profits) behind this travesty of justice you're just fine with, though.

      Go fuck yourself!

    4. You're buying into the Corporate stance, that they're all the same. There is a difference between someone who profits off of piracy and someone who doesn't earn money through file sharing. It's a shame you don't see the difference.

    5. No, it's you, Bret that doesn't seem to get it. File sharing without earning money from it is just as illegal. Do you really believe a prominent non-profit sharing site would go unmolested by government goons? Please, what are you smoking?


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