Monday, February 13, 2012

The 42 Commandments of the Sovereign State

  1. There is no sovereign but the State.
  2. You shall have no other beliefs but what the State provides for you.
  3. Never question the State’s motives.
  4. Always remember the State’s holidays, especially the ones where the military are remembered, and take the day off from work.  For the rest of the year, you are to work in order to provide for the State but on those holidays, you are to not work.
  5. Honor the State so that your life will be long.  Do not view it as a collective of selfish individuals with the power to employ legal force but as a group of benevolent angels who have everyone’s best interests at heart.
  6. Do not kill a State official, an animal protected by the State, or another tax-paying producer.
  7. Feel free to commit adultery as the State your sovereign thrives on dependence that results from divorce.
  8. Do not steal.  Let the State do that for you.
  9. Do not lie to the State as any lie, regardless of its relevance to the investigation, will be used against you to make you a ward of the State.
  10. Covet everything that your fellow tax-paying citizen has and thus empower the State to take from them half of their income in order to enrich you and, more importantly, the rich supporters of the State.
  11. Never question the State’s economic reports.  They are always correct and never mask what is really going on.
  12. Law enforcement officers, who serve as the hands of the State, are to be honored and regarded with the reverence that men used to give angels.  They are infallible and do no wrong.
  13. Always honor and praise the military, regardless of what atrocities they may have allegedly committed.  They are the feet of the State, stomping out the foreign insects who seek to deprive you of your freedom.
  14. Your life belongs to the State.
  15. Your possessions are on loan to you from the State.
  16. You liberty is not allowed within the confines of the State’s courtrooms.
  17. Always refer to the judges as “Your Honor” for they are to be honored for having to punish lawbreakers.  They are always objective and never have any hint of personal bias.  The higher courts, which interpret the laws, are to be given the utmost reverence as they have ascended beyond all human concepts of moral and immoral.  They are smarter than you and must therefore be given the final say on all things.
  18. You shall not ingest any substance that has been banned by the State.
  19. All religious organizations are required to uphold the State as the ideal.  It is the perfect idea of God brought to Earth after all.
  20. All money belongs to the State as it is the State that prints it.
  21. A large portion of your income must always be given to the State.  The more you make, the higher the percentage must be given.  It is your tithe for the benefit of the State.
  22. The State is never wrong nor is is fallible.  Every law, mandate, decree, and judgment passed or issued by the State is moral, just, and good.
  23. Your children, from the firstborn to the last, are subjects to the State.  From birth until they come of age, they are to be groomed for servitude via State schooling.  As a parent, you are the State-affirmed manager to raise your children in a manner that meets its approval.  If you do not comply with the State’s directives with regard to your children, your children will taken from you and placed in a foster home where they will be subject to State-approved drug abuse and sexual abuse.
  24. All State officials and their relatives are not subject to any of the rules.  If they are caught, they are to be given a slap on the wrist.
  25. All substances that the State does approve, such as alcohol and cigarettes, will be subject to heavy taxation in order to discourage their use.  If the poor are the ones who suffer most under this taxation, then the taxes will be raised so that they cannot enjoy them without welfare.
  26. From time to time, the State will require scientific inquiry into many important questions, such as the effects of toothpaste on dogs.  These inquiries are important and are in the State’s best interest.
  27. You will be permitted to worship in accordance with whatever religion you so choose, so long as that worship regards the State above all others.
  28. All laws passed by the State legislatures are not to be questioned.  As they are often elected by you and your neighbors, they represent your interests and never represent their own or those of external forces.
  29. You are allowed freedom so long as it serves the State’s interests.
  30. All people within the specter of the State are subject to its laws even if they leave the specter of the State for another.
  31. You must swear an oath of marriage before a proper State official before you do so in a religious ceremony.  Doing otherwise violates the State’s will and you will be subject to confiscations upon the death of your spouse.
  32. The State is to have the first fruits of all inheritance.  Since all wealth is earned at the approval of the State, this is merely the State receiving what it deserves.
  33. All land that is not owned by a private individual or group is owned by the State.
  34. The money collect by the State in the form of taxes is not the “people’s money” nor should the people be allowed to say where and how it is spent.
  35. All communications, whether it is by technological devices, letters, or by voice are subject to the State’s scrutiny.
  36. No private individual or group is permitted to own any frequency or wavelength.
  37. No person is to copy the work of other people who are bigger taxpayers than they are.
  38. Because the State prints money, the banks shall be owned by the State.  All business practices they employ are at the behest or approval of the State.
  39. You are to honor the State at every government institution and sporting event by standing in attention to the State’s flag while reciting the State’s pledge or listening to the State’s anthem.
  40. Any explanation for any behavior that is contrary to the laws of the State which are committed by State officials should be accepted as proper justification.  For example, if a Law Enforcement Official murders a man in cold blood, any official explanation of him being belligerent or dangerous should be accepted as justification for the murder and the official must be exonerated.
  41. All forms of religious expression have no place within the domain of the State as the State is your god and you shall have no other in its prescience.
  42. The State is not subject to any of its own laws, decrees, mandates, or judgments.

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