Friday, February 17, 2012

20 Items, Unless...

It's a wonder. Not the wonder of the modern supermarket, though a wonder indeed it is (if you can help avoiding the junk aisles in the middle of the store). No, what's to wonder about is that with all the government produced inflation we're experiencing (robbery of our purchasing power) that anyone can afford more than 20 items at a time when they visit the grocery store. I bought 15 things at Walmart on my way home yesterday and it cost me almost 40 dollars (I also paid over $4 a gallon for regular gasoline for the first time since I can remember, so I wonder why I had any cash left after filling my tank).

But at the Walmart near me, their "20 Items Or Less" lanes are separated from the regular lanes and you have to go through a narrow maze of check-out lane products (candy, chips, magazines, various non-food impulse-buy items) to get to the check-out. But if my basket starts out with 20 items when I enter and, due to Walmart's temptations, I add several more, then when I reach the clerk, I'll be over the limit. Does that mean they'll make me leave and go to the other check-out lanes? Or is their "limit" meaningless? And how many times has anyone been rejected by the quick lane because they had too many things in their cart? In my entire life, I've seen it once, and it turned into a major incident. It was quite horrible, with a scuffle between the clerk and the customer, with the manager finally involved and the lane shut down while the ruckus was allowed to run its course. Let me tell you, I never want to see something like that again when I go shopping, which is why that was the last time I tried to violate the posted quick check-out limit. Well, to be honest, the real reason it won't happen again is because in Obama's America, 20 items is all I can afford to buy. But I think I said that already. I really wish I picked up some candy while I was in that maze, though, but I was scared to do it. That obese woman check-out clerk was mean-looking and looked as if she could twist me into a pretzel (which is one reason I didn't get that tempting bag of pretzels in the check-out snack section; I didn't want to give her any ideas) with one arm tied behind her back! I wasn't going to take the chance.

image by I-5 Design & Manufacture under Creative Commons

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