Monday, February 13, 2012

Movies to Look for in 2012

I love playing on the Hollywood Stock Exchange ( This isn’t a plug… it’s free to play and I’m not sure there are ads (though if you play, why not say Ginx13 referred you?). I mean… the whole thing is one big ad, because you buy stocks based on how well you think a movie does. A movie expected to make a million dollars is priced at $1 per share, while a movie like the upcoming Batman film to be released this summer is going for about $355 per share (as of writing this).

So anyway, I end up hearing about a lot of movies long before they’re made, and I thought I’d share some upcoming films I’m excited about, as well as my fun little side-hobby (in case you feel so inclined to play along… since it’s free to play and it’s within a browser, so you can easily play on the job or on a smart phone… not that I personally have either).

I avoided too many obvious ones. Yeah, I’m excited about the new Hobbit film next December, but we all knew that was coming, and I will probably see the Avengers and Bond movies when they come on cable. Still, these are some you might not have realized were even around. Also, in full disclosure of my investments, I do not own stock in any of these. I generally buy and sell junk stocks and IPOs, since that is how you make the most money.

NOTE: The World War Z trailer is fan created and based on footage from many different movies. Brad Pitt is starring, but Morgan Freeman (not to mention basically anyone else depicted) is not part of the cast.


  1. Moon Nazis! Oh yeah!

  2. That is the one I'm actually most excited about. I might do another post with the newly released theatrical trailer as we get closer (it's released in early April). It's actually a comedy.


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