Saturday, February 18, 2012

How Evil Is Rush Limbaugh?

I catch Limbaugh up here and do listen to him from time to time. The one thing I've observed is that if you listen to him often enough he's not as "evil" as the MSM labels him. They do twist his angle quite a bit.

I don't see what's so bad in much of what he says. He's annoying yes, and I don't agree with him on some issues but those are his opinions. In fact, I find the comments that come out of Justin Trudeau's mouth to be far more puerile and he's a liberal. I recognize one is a radio personality and the other a politician but still...-T.C. commenting at his post Fall Of Western Civilization Reason #347583721128

Now, I don't care what the MSM labels anyone; they're extremely evil and of course, statist to the core, themselves, but that doesn't make someone like Limbaugh, an outright apologist for crony capitalism (as opposed to real free markets) and neocon militarism (not to mention supporting things such as the drug war, even though Limbaugh himself was a drug addict and was facing felony charges for prescription drug abuse not that long ago) any less evil in his own way.

Obviously, with a pseudo anti-government stand, some things that come out of the mouth of Limbaugh and other prominent right-wing talk radio hosts sound libertarian enough at times to get real libertarians to nod agreement. But Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts would run screaming from real freedom if they ever saw it coming.

So, now that I've established that Limbaugh is evil, how evil is he? Is he more or less evil than a "liberal", less evil than Obama? Certainly he's not as evil as the IRS or the FDA, or the government gang in general, but ultimately, he's not on the side of true liberty, either.


  1. I don't disagree with you.

    I only speciously claim "worse than liberals" because they always yap on about critical thinking rules without applying it themselves. He certainly isn't a fan of Paul.

    Gee, my comments are being used now?

    1. Your blog is the only thing keeping this blog going, so yes, even your comments must be used now.

  2. The question should not be if Limbaugh is "evil" but if he still has the influence he's said to have. Obama went after him for crying out loud.

    Wow. Two blogs for the price of one!


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