Sunday, February 19, 2012

All Aborted Fetuses Go To Heaven

Atheist Humiliates Christian in Abortion Debate

Of course, as with much in religion in general, and Christianity in particular (with its strange and exclusionary salvation doctrines that now are even controversial with many within the Evangelical community due to the recognition that the pluralistic world and nation we live in isn't going anywhere but is here to stay, with its multiple religions, belief systems and values), the whole thing makes no sense and is full of contradictions. If aborted "babies" go straight to heaven and bypass this whole rotten world and all its trials and troubles, not to mention temptations that could lead one to Hell to burn for eternity, then why wouldn't it be doing them a favor to "kill" them in the womb? Carrying a baby to term would be doing it potential great harm, and would be the far greater offense.

In the age before widespread availability of safe abortions, some Protestant Christian preachers even celebrated what they viewed as the fact that all those dying before birth or in infancy went to Heaven, thus giving the saved a majority over the lost in the soul numbers game between God and Satan. Even though the path is supposed to be narrow and those that find it few, some found it hard to accept that God could lose to the devil in so dramatic a fashion, so they gave God all the dead babies, and they're still doing it. And yet, they view abortion as a horrible evil?

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