Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and Obama’s Way

It has been a while since I have criticized President Obama, mostly because its too easy, but it is good to remember why the guy is such a big walking waste of human space and air.

Let’s start out with Jack Tapper’s confrontation with Press Secretary:

So basically, President Obama, who promised open government, has decided to prosecute whistleblowers in his own ranks.  This is a very dangerous precedent that is unheard of before as not even President Bush pulled this stunt against his own.  It is no wonder that the establishment wants Mitt Romney and wants Obama out: he’s hunting down their own.

Another broken promise that Obama has made is his promise to close down the Guantanamo Bay prisons.  Now, I know you can make excuses all you want, but the truth is he is the president and he could have made any state take those men and could have the freed the others.  Hell, he could have even killed them all with bullets drenched in pigs blood if he wanted, as he has already demonstrated his willingness to kill US citizens overseas for supposed subversive activity.

On that topic, President Obama has basically become judge, jury, and executioner when he had Anwar al-Awlaki killed by a Predator drone.  He then had the man’s sixteen year old son killed, who was just looking for his father and was eating barbeque at the time of his death.  The justification for the son’s death was that he was afraid he would join forces with a terror cell in response to his father’s death.  In other words, President Obama has acted just as a brutal tyrant would.  Meanwhile, nobody cares that a mother is crying over the loss of her sixteen year old boy and her husband due to some flimsy, half-assed justification.

On the domestic front, President Obama has become good buddies with the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt.  Suddenly, incandescent light bulbs are illegal while GE owns the patent on the compact fluorescent lamp, but there is nothing wrong with that, right?  I mean, if the president wants us all to be more environmentally friendly and enrich himself and Jeffrey Immelt at our expense.

Jeffrey Immelt became the jobs czar (the mere fact that we have czars who are unaccountable to the people and Congress makes me sick) and subsequently moved a lot of his manufacturing to China.  Talk about a scumbag.  I suppose there was nothing shady in that deal either.

Gas prices are going now too, more than likely as a result of several factors:

  1. The various quantitative easings that have been taking place.  I have my doubts, though, as to the purported impact of expansion of the money supply only because there is much less consumer and business debt right now.
  2. The closing of off-shore oil drilling due to the regulators blunder with British Petroleum and the inevitable oil spill that resulted.  Basically, BP was allowed leeway on their safety inspections, probably in exchange for bribes, and this resulted in the oil spill and explosion.
  3. The coming war with Iran.  President Obama has insisted on going to war with yet another Muslim nation and has ordered naval forces into harms way as a means to provoke them into attacking in order to justify the war.  And we’re supposed to think that this warmongering has nothing to do with the rise in the cost of oil?

Let us not forget that President Obama is prosecuting legalized marijuana now as well, something he said he would not do.  Of course, I am sure he has good reason for it.

The list could gone on and on about President Obama’s hypocrisy and downright tyranny, which is much, much worse than President Bush’s was.  I am not a fan of President Bush (I used to be) as he did everything the wrong way.  It made no sense and his primary solutions to problems was more government.  None of these solutions worked, by the way, as the Muslim world hates us even more, our economy is still in shambles, and the police state has gotten worse.

Yet for the bad things that President Bush has done, President Obama has gone the extra mile.  It is the Obama Way: the wrong way but much faster.


  1. You used to be a fan of Bush?? There goes your credibility. Also, the Ron Paul worship is hilarious. You do know that the "antiwar" candidate took money from the defense industry, right? And fully supported the murder of Bin Laden. Like Obama, Ron Paul will say anything for power and money

  2. Sorry, anonymouse, but comparing Paul to Obomba destroys your credibility. You're just a nameless sockpuppet, a supporter of the current tyranny, so go away and don't bother commenting here again.


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