Sunday, February 12, 2012

The End?

Is it time to say goodbye? I'm tired of all the hassle of dealing with this blog. I have contributors who don't contribute anymore, readers who won't comment (hell, if Hitler had had a blog, he would have got comments) and aggravation of watching lesser blogs get more attention (from fools, of course).

I'm simply weary of talking to myself. Even when I ask an outright question, no one fucking answers! So, you know what? If this post doesn't get at least TWO comments from two different people (I'll know, believe me, so don't try to pull anything) I'm first going to shut comments down COMPLETELY. That will mean you won't be able to comment even if you want to (I'm not talking comment moderation here, so let me be clear: the very option to comment will be removed).

Next, I'll start posting whatever the fuck I want, instead of serving you as I have been by providing you with useful information. I mean, if you want posts like "My short walk up to the store and what I saw on the way there" fine, but I think you want what you've come to expect, damn fine blogging of an eclectic nature.

Whatever YOU decide, I don't really give a shit anymore. I'll talk to myself here if that's the outcome. Why not? I've been doing it all my life anyway, so I'm used to it, and besides, I've always written just for myself, and that long before I put anything on the Internet. Let me assure you that this blog can continue even if I am its only reader.

Thing have reached this crisis point because of you, so if you are you, you know who you are and that it's you I speak of, so you can go to Hell.

This post may be the very last you'll see here with the option to make a comment, so think about that before you decide it ain't worth your time to react to a post in writing. No need to worry, I won't feel the loss of your presence, since I can't detect it now (kinda like God). After the comments go down (if they do, and remember, that's entirely up to you losers) I will then contact ALL current contributors so we can part ways on good terms. I have no hostility to any of them (well, maybe Bret, sometimes) but at that point it will be pointless to keep them here as contributors.

I'm quite sober, by the way, having given up drink last night. That's why you'd better take me seriously.


  1. Is this a piece of performance art? If so, Bravo! Funny as hell!

  2. I notice that you didn't put a time limit for the all comments to appear, was that on purpose?

    Anon. I think every blog is performance art, in one way or another. I've been following this blog and its ups and downs for a while, and always am either entertained or informed. Jakson may be crazy in some ways, but aren't we all?

  3. Thanks Bog B. and anon! You two have truly saved this blog! You stepped up to the plate when even SE contributors remained silent! Bless you, bless you with all my heart!

  4. Ok, it appears as if Bob and anon may be the same person. If shenanigans took place in these comments, then the deal is still on! I wonder if Mitt Romney had anything to do with it?

  5. I think you're looking at it all wrong. If dozens of people are coming to the site and not disagreeing with us, then we're doing a good job. We have very few disagreements, so I feel like we're doing well.

    Ask any manager. People who fill out costumer service cards and give feedback are unhappy with the product more often than they are contacting you to tell you how much they love it. People are quietly content, if you ask me.

    1. I'm in customer service, so I know what you mean. No one calls back to say how happy they are (we have to call them to get feedback) but if they're mad about the slightest thing, they call and vent like crazy.

      A blog is a bit different, I would say. Part of the purpose is to interact with the readers. True, like a radio talk show, only a tiny percentage will ever engage and contribute to the discussion, but it's nice to have it.

      But I think SE is not really a comment type blog, if it ever was. I'd need to write one really good post a day or every few days that people might respond to, but the kind of thing I (and I only say "I" since I post more here than you or others, not to slight your contribution) post now, for the most part, is not likely to cause people to want to comment. That's okay, though. I think, for now, I'm done with comments. Never get any (for the most part) anyway, so why would anyone miss the comment form?

      All contributors, such as yourself, are welcome to remain, but there appears to be no way to allow just you guys to enable comments on your own posts.

      I'm still pondering this, so nothing is final, but it is nearly so. I'm ready to go forward without worrying about comments one way or another.

  6. All I know is that these pretzels are making me thirsty.


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