Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unite or Die?

The Internet is by far the greatest weapon of truth out there. There is a bull market in freedom and anybody can get a website up to start telling their truth. The reality is, that very few will get the attention since the Elite’s Mainstream Media dominates the web traffic. These sites get millions of unique visitors every month. These sites tow the company line of the Elite and serve to either distract or disinform their viewers. Sites like CNN and Huffington Post get something like 20 million unique visitors to their site every month. These corporate mockingbirds are a major reason why the average American does not ‘get it.’ Even the very successful Drudge Report, only gets like 2 million unique visitors a month. He does a better job of exposing what is really going on, but for the most part, links to only Mainstream Media articles.

Then there are these 50 or so guys who are doing excellent work on their individual blogs. They might only get 20,000 to 200,000 unique viewers to their site. This is where I feel the real truth comes from. These bloggers are unconcerned with some corporate boss or large business. These opinion makers call it as they see it,and most often, it flies in the face of the Elite’s conventional wisdom. These bloggers might have found some success with either advertising, newsletters, or member sites, but at the end of the day they are in a rat race. If they stop writing,their business dies. Corporate media does not care if their writers stop, they will find another because they have the viewers.

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