Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Some Stuff 17

-Hello, old friend. Where have you been?

-I haven't been anywhere.

-Sure you have. I haven't seen you around here.

-Nevertheless, I've been here.


-Right here. I never left.

-I don't understand.

-No, I don't suppose you do. You think if something's gone, it's not real, or that it never was. That ain't so. You ever read a book?

-Of course.

-Well, I ask cause some people haven't, but I'm glad you have. Books tell stories. So do our lives, so does "stuff". It's no less real just because you already finished that chapter. It's still there, you're just past it, and it'll always be there, as long as the book exists. Just as you'll always be here, as long as the world exists, and maybe even after the whole damn world is gone, too. Just like I'll be here, as long as this blog is, or as long as someone or anything was. Nothing can change a fact, and the fact is, you and I are here, were here, and will be here, always, old friend.

My dad finally moved his car because of the birds. He has had it parked in the same spot for years. Oh, he drives (not that much anymore, though) but he always parks it under that same tree. He finally decided it was pointless trying to keep it clean, so he also hasn't washed it for months. It was a little (just a little, I'm not much for what all the assholes out in the world -and that's most of you - think) embarrassing driving around with him in it. One whole side of the car was covered in bird crap. He has moved it now, to the other side of the yard, a narrow dirt driveway with no BIRDTREE. Now the car just gets hit every night by the neighbor's sprinklers. It still looks better than the bird shit.

Elvis Presley - Talks On Stage

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