Sunday, June 5, 2011

Freedom for Palestine


  1. You don't seem to like Obama the afro-muslim, but you do love the arab muslims. Well , go ahead, replace him with one of these characters, and be happy.

  2. *sigh* So much ignorance packed in those two sentences.

    Nik doesn't hate Muslims. Nik's criticism of Obama has nothing to do with him being a Muslim (which he isn't). Nik's support of Palestinian sovereignty has nothing to do with them being Muslim.

    I mean honestly... sometimes I wonder how people can be so racist, but then I remember how it so conveniently simplifies the world into a comfortable, easy to understand model.

  3. Since when is 'muslim' a race? I thought it has to do with religion (islam).

    People like you use the word 'racist' like salt - in all kinds of meals wether it should be there or not.

    What's wrong with simplifying the world? God created a simple world , it's man that has violated the order of creation by migration and wars.

  4. The only reason you oppose Islam is because of the cultural implications (which is a characteristic of race, along with genetics). Then again, maybe if they were white enough, you wouldn't dismiss them out of hand as undeserving of basic rights like security in their possessions and homes.

    And I can't be bothered on the futile efforts of arguing with someone who uses the idea of gods in their argument as you so ignorantly do here. You're a fool and you would be best to not type anything more until you learn how to debate without relying on Bronze Age bullshit.

  5. What you're saying is: You ignorant fool, what God are you talking about , don't you see? I AM GOD ! I AM GOD ! I AM GOD!

    I know better, understand better, can debate better . My style is unique; it makes use of intelligent words such 'bulshit' 'racist' etc... Don't bother my Excellency!

  6. Saying there are no gods is not even close to the same thing as saying that I am God.

    You see, you think you can judge a person by their religion. You think you can say Muslims are one way, and because I am an atheist I believe I'm God. That is the basic definition of prejudice.

    I, on the other hand, criticize not your religion, but your use of your religion in justifying your own ignorance. You can still turn it around, despite your religious handicap, and make a reasonable argument for why you think you can broadly criticize all of Islam (I'm not sure how, but maybe you're a smarter person than I am).

  7. I don't believe I'm saying this, but, yes, I'm probably smarter than you are. I don't have to say a word of criticism (I haven't actually said any such word on Islam/muslims) and I certainly don't have to call people names such as fool and ignorant like you do, in order to convey my message .

    You don't have to believe in the religious term of God. You may call that factor that has created the universe Nature, Superpower, or whatever. The thing is, this universe has been created in a very logical and simple way. Man has destroyed this simplicity and now the world is in a big , unsolvable mess.


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