Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Blog Does Not Exist

...or at least you can't prove that it does! Bill Gnade straightened me out on that one. Just like he proved (though I'm not sure how he did it, considering he probably doesn't even exist, and if he does, he CAN'T prove anything anyway) he knew what I was talking about in reference to stolen concepts by telling me:

My days are filled with plagiarism; I toss thoughts around without giving the slightest attribution to my many forbears. Please, help me see more clearly what is not mine, what is someone else's. Please, show me those thoughts, concepts and ideas that are utterly unique to you, or the ones you have earned and acquired legitimately. What does it feel like to hold concepts that you've created? What does it feel like to acquire knowledge on the basis of merit? Please, SE. Speak. Share. Reveal.

In response I told him he must have misunderstood me, but Bill is never mistaken about anything, which is why he replied that he only used the word plagiarize to "jar us all", though that still doesn't explain why he accused me of creating all my own concepts. I guess Bill's version of "knowing exactly what someone means" is a little different from mine, but I can't prove it.

Just like I can't prove that earlier today this blog had 255 followers and now has just 254 (maybe an Obama fan was offended). Oh well, those "followers" either don't exist or are all fakes. I'm sure of that now (or is that unsure?), thanks to Bill Gnade.


  1. Hahahaha.
    Damnit, he's caught us! We're all fakes!

  2. wallflower, are you for real? I know "you" left a comment, no, wait a minute, I mean, I don't know if "you" left a comment, which means asking if you exist doesn't make sense, but how did I know what "make sense" means?

    But then, if I ask you if you exist, I must know the meaning of the word "exist", which wouldn't be a word at all if nothing existed, which means we have to start with existence to begin with...unless...

    Oh damn you, Bill Gnade!


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