Friday, April 2, 2010

Erykah Badu's JFK Strip Down For Window Seat

Review: Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video is great; the song itself? Not so much.

Naturally, nudity prompts a parasite (public official) to call for more government, in the name of "protecting" the public. You've always got to have another law, because without Big Daddy Government, we wouldn't be able to make it through the day without facing the menace of [fill in the blank]. "None of this would have occurred had she stayed clothed. But since she didn't, it elevated the need for making sure that we have policies in place that will protect folks and the integrity of the city as best we possibly can," said Dwaine Caraway, chairman of the Dallas City Council's Public Safety Committee. It's never about giving leeches such as Caraway and his fellow thieves more money and power, of course. Just like the phony speeding laws are not for "protecting" us, but rather for filling the state's treasury (Many Departments Eliminating Speed "Cushion").

City officials have said the Dallas-born artist did not seek the proper permits to produce the video for her song "Window Seat."-Badu video prompts call to toughen Dallas city law.

Because without more "laws", you see, it would get real crazy out there, with people making permitless movies on every street corner!

In this case, Caraway said he is concerned about whether Badu or others could take the public nudity concept to the next level.

Notice he's NOT concerned however, that more government might "take us to the next level" of tyranny and a virtual police state. But then again, Caraway is one of the petty little tyrants, so taking government to the "next" level is a good thing for him and the other taxpayer parasites, because their livelihood depends on an ever expanding state.

Though no witnesses made formal complaints about the video shoot, Dallas police are now "gathering information" about the incident. Thank God the police are always there when you really need them.


  1. Thankfully we have the government to protect her free speech. We can just as easily elect non-Puritans, it just takes a push to do so. Also... you're trying making something out of exactly nothing, which sort of makes you no better than the people who might have complained about Ms. Badu (apparently to zero effect).

  2. Thankfully we have the government to protect her free speech.

    Funniest comment you've made in a long time. Thanks for the laugh, Ginx.

  3. You've assumed anything will come of this. Why not give people the benefit of the doubt. I would think an anarchist would trust people are decent enough to not do something incredibly stupid.

  4. She's hot.

    I would love to see her strip in front of me.

    Does anyone know why she chose that particular location to pull this? Was there a purpose?

  5. I've actually seen a few stories in which cops have tased people for public nudity. Is the "crime" of not conforming to some lawmaker's arbitrary definition of "decency" really worth torturing people over?

    What I really, REALLY hate is the lazy "but think of children!" excuse always used to justify nudity bans. Believe it or not, children see themselves naked every single day and it doesn't seem to cause them irreparable harm.

    As a society, we really need to lose the stigma attached to nudity.

  6. Yeah, think of the children... just a few years ago, they were sucking on one of those mammaries. Kids aren't scarred by nudity, and most people posting on this site know that. Once the older generations have the decency to go and die, maybe we can go about de-Puritanizing America. Until then, it's just up to us to push the limits and mock the prudes who would turn our country into a convent.


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