Friday, April 2, 2010

A Petition for Redress

We the posterity of our forefathers come before the government of these United States and all mankind in order that it should be made clear our grievances stemming forth from a long train of abuses of our inalienable rights and blatant violations of the federal Constitution of these United States which was signed, ratified and where was bound up the whole of what was to be our limited federal government and its structure. No man rightfully wishes to contemplate the darkest of scenarios in which a government formed by the just consent of the people and constrained by chains of written words declared so boldly for all to witness no longer chooses to abide by said consent or words for reasons unjust and unholy while goaded on by the ravings of a portion of the populace coerced to abandon such confines. Beware the time at which such an instance becomes true, any sane man would warn! But what becomes when such a time is indeed upon us? Would the sane man who warned us to beware of it say no more? Indeed the answer cannot be reasoned to be anything other than a hearty and powerful, "No!" which must be shouted upon the land from the tallest peak so that it may echo in the valleys and be heard by all. Sane men desirous of their liberty would never stop a step short of their goal and would never concede to such an outcome and would surely never be silenced when their freedoms are taken and the foundations of limited government violated.

Read the rest: A Petition for Redress by the Citizens of the United States.


  1. Oh, Dennis Markuze... your tangential spam never ceases to amaze me.

  2. And he's posting his moronic spam on a blog that barely mentions atheism (and the post itself has nothing to do with it either). In fact, the linked article talks about our "God given liberties".

    HAHAHA! Dennis the Cowardly Fool!

  3. He spammed on a theist's site. I think he's off his meds.

  4. collateral damage... can't be helped...


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