Saturday, April 17, 2010

News and Notes: Welcome Wallflower and My New Name (Maybe)

A warm welcome everyone to our newest contributor, Wallflower. Look for her posts (she made one already!) and check the link to her profile on the sidebar under Contributors.

I'm still here, of course, or I wouldn't be writing this. I know my continued posting is hard to put up with, but someone has gotta do it. I'm thinking of adopting a new name, however, as "SE" just doesn't have a ring to it. I've thought about my new name for all of 5 minutes (well, three, actually) and here's what I came up with.

Part one: a new first name (to replace "S"). Since revolution is always brewing in France (or is supposed to be) my new first name will be Remi (not a girl's name except in the imbecilic and perverted USA). This is to honor the spirit of revolution that is such an important part of French history.

Part two: a new last name (to replace "E"). I've gone with Lee, in remembrance of the great Confederate general. He fought for freedom from Federal dictatorship, and would have done us all a favor if he hadn't made some serious blunders during the course of The War Between the States.

Now once we put parts one and two together, we get Remi Lee.

...okay, just did some checking, and "Remi Lee" looks to be the name of a female "teen" sex model/porn star or something (told ya the USA is perverted) so maybe not. Like Sean/Shawn/Shaun, Remi is always a boys name, except in America, land of the stupidest (and fattest) people on the planet.

How about Jefferson Lee? (Thomas and Robert E.). Lee Jefferson? Lee Remi? Johnny Reb?

Maybe I'll just go with Twinkie the Kid (he's staring at me right now, just daring me to do it).

I knew I shoulda taken "wallflower" as my moniker when I had the chance!


  1. I think you should just use Lemi Ree. I'm certain that one isn't taken?

    And thanks for the welcome! :) I'm afraid anything I'm going to plan on posting has already been posted on here, haha!

  2. Lemi Ree? Not bad. I might go with it.

    I'm afraid anything I'm going to plan on posting has already been posted on here

    Well, I myself keep posting the same basic post over and over again in slightly different ways and no one seems to notice, so that shouldn't matter.


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