Friday, April 23, 2010

“Sort Of Like Terrorism”

Kathleen "Lying Pro-State Troll" Parker was on CBS Face The Nation this week, spewing hatred for the Tea Party movement and calling Internet Journalism terrorism (well, "sort of").

So statist shill (earns her living supporting the Regime) and mainstream media whore Parker doesn't like that that nasty newfangled anti-state medium the Internet escapes the pro-state filtering that dying dead-tree "journalism" (her columns are syndicated by the Washington Post) imposes on the "news".

Pro-state liar and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer seems to agree, and decries the "anonymity" of the Internet and that it has no "editor".

“Some of this really nasty rhetoric that shows up on the Internet….the only vehicle to deliver news that has no editor….And that is the added factor to the volatility of this stuff and where it goes.”

Oh, yes, Bob, yes, preach that pro-state troll gospel! Kathleen Parker responds:

“It’s, sort of, like terrorism. You know, we don’t know where to aim our bombs, so we can’t go after a country because there are – you know, there’s no one place to focus on it. And it’s the same thing with – with the Internet. You can’t really – you don’t know who to go after.”

Oh, did I mention that she calls herself a "conservative". Doncha just love the lapdog media? At least, like the dinosaurs before them, they are becoming extinct.

h/t Old-Thinker News


  1. Maybe some of the calls for violence are "terrorism," but they're also free speech. I'm curious why she cares if it is "terrorism." Is she interested in actually charging someone with a crime for posting something hateful online? And I thought jails were crowded now...

    I love how they want a target, like they're going to go after them. Anonymity is wonderful because it doesn't really matter who the messenger is, it's all about the message. I suspect the MSM hates not being able to engage in ad hominem attacks.

  2. Thank you, friend!

    I've called her a lot of descriptive adjectives, but you have captured her essence - much more so than just regular paid rightwing blog trolls.

    Under the bridge.

    In the slime.

    Kathleen "Lying Pro-State Troll" Parker

    And don't forget all of Schieffer's payoff connections. He is absolutely the worst person to put on TV as an "unbiased" commentator. His brother, Tom, is a friend and former business partner of President George W. Bush and Ambassador to Australia during Bush's reign.

    How's that for "unbiased?"


  3. I don't like the way she pussyfoots around, she should just go ahead and say what she's to chicken to say. "Any speech against the state should be banned." Then people could see her for what she is.
    I think you already see her for what she is, a "Lying Pro-State Troll"


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