Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Is Your Vinyl Warning!

It's the end of digital! Old school music listening is back, baby!

Vinyl: The Last Track

h/t A Delicious Decade of Music

I remember back when Neil Young said the digital recording of music didn't produce "real" sound, or something to that effect.

Some Neil Young thoughts:

Neil Young has slammed Apple's iPods for dumbing music quality down to "Fisher-Price toy" levels...Singling out Apple specifically, the singer complained about the quality of music files on iTunes and iPods and how they have brought down standards generally.-Singer brands iPods 'Fisher-Price toys'

Wonder how Young feels about the ongoing debate over the impact of the MP3 format on sound quality? He's pretty clear on it...

Young said that MP3 was convenient - but that it's like a vision of paradise that's only inches deep and slams you in the face when you try to walk into it. "I'm a music guy, a sound guy - I went through hell in the 80's," he said. "Now we're coming close, climbing up the quality wall. I make all my music analog, when a new format comes along I will dump all my music to it." Would he advise other musicians to do the same? He said that wasn't realistic. "I'm too rich and elitist, most people can't afford the machines [for analog recording] and the people to take care of them."-Neil Young on Music Piracy, MP3 Hell and Finding Freaks on the Web

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