Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Mac vs Mystery Meat

A study by USA Today found that the U.S. government's school lunch program, via the USDA, handed schools millions of pounds of beef and chicken that wouldn't even clear the standards of fast food restaurants like Jack in the Box and KFC.

Why Is Crappy Fast Food Safer Than School Lunches?

A Prop For Failing Agribusiness

"Each year the USDA purchases more than $1 billion in cheap commodities as part of the federal contribution to the school lunch program. Regretfully, the USDA is driven by two factors: get the food for the lowest price and prop up prices for commodities that are in oversupply or are unattractive to business purchases. Not quality. In 2009 alone, the USDA purchased more than $151 million of commodity pork to prop up failing industrial pork producers."-David Murphy (Johnny Can You Spell Salmonella? U.S. School Lunch vs. Jack in the Box)

Making a lunch for your child to take with them to school is a better idea (they shouldn't be in school in the first place, but that's another story).


  1. Lol, they shouldn't be in school in the first place? Whaat?

  2. SE is not an opponent of education, he's just a proponent of home-schooling... and perhaps private schools? I'm not 100% on private schools.

    I find this stance strange considering the eery Christian bias present in both non-public options, not to mention the economic disparities that would be made even worse by eliminating public schools. I think it just falls under that "anything government is bad" umbrella...

  3. education to go to what job, unemployment wont just go away. Go and watch myspacesecrets on youtube he knows what he is talking about.


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