Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rachel Maddow Has No Agenda?

“Sometimes I get defined as an ‘activist’ because I say what my opinion is. I’m not trying to push an agenda of any stripe.”-Rachel Maddow


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  2. ... and Fox News is "Fair and Balanced."

    Honesty and self-awareness are apparently not highly valued journalistic qualities.

  3. The mainstream media organizations all have the same basic agenda: Advance (and advocate on behalf of the interests of) the State at all costs.

  4. Having an opinion is not the same as having an agenda. I believe Rachel is just stating the obvious as she is a commentor on the daily news, not a journalist.

    When Faux News says they are "fair and balanced" they are full of s**t.

  5. Chaos: I can honestly say that even though I agree with a great portion of what I have heard Rachel Maddow advocate on behalf of (particularly matters of civil rights), she has an agenda. I can argue that agenda is "truth," but truth has a huge liberal bias.


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