Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Market Anarchists Debate "Democratic" Socialists

This is the first video of 27. Since I'm not posting the next 26 videos, you can get to them by simply clicking on the video below.


  1. Private property is theft of the commons. No one has the right or power to take what is a gift of nature and declare it their exclusive property.

    That a corporation can maintain that they OWN the water, or any other natural resource, is an absurdity not worthy of debate.

  2. My thoughts on the debate:

    1) Did anyone else think it was hilarious how Sweden was their example of socialism? Hah! Sweden is nothing close to socialism, it's a tame social democracy at best. The "socialists" in the video are really just standard left-liberals IMO. To be fair, they were way more practical than 90% of lefties and even conceded that deregulation and markets aren't always pure evil.

    2) The anarcho guys did a terrible job handling the acid rain and river-dam problems. The socialist's remark about how everything is ultimately backed by force was actually a pretty good response IMO. And how the hell do you come to own a river just by fishing in it? Madness! It almost makes me drift closer to..dare I say it...Brainpolice's point of view.


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