Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Frustrated Spammer- I'm Lovin' It!

A certain psychotic spammer (who shall remain nameless, as he LOVES the attention) who leaves inane spam unrelated to anything he's "commenting" on (he is too stupid, obviously, to actually engage in discussion-as many thoughtful and intelligent Christians do at atheist blogs- with those he disagrees with, so instead he posts pathetic and childish cut and paste work) is getting frustrated at being unable to post his moldy baloney here. All I can say is, I'm lovin' it!

I am thoroughly enjoying his anger. Frankly, it makes my day. But as he is a loser without a life (he must spend every free moment posting spam, or searching for places to post it) we here at Skeptical Eye are also performing a service to him by providing him with hours of time-killing activity to fill his otherwise pointless existence. It's a win-win situation!

After all, if he is so dumb that he wants to waste his time with his obsession, we the sane, theists (yes, you can be mistaken and sane) and atheists alike, should let him. So keep up the good work, you Dumb Moron. It amuses me.

I also laugh at his ignorance. He thinks deleting spam and/or moderating comments equals "censorship". In one of his recent (rejected-I'm lovin' it!) "comments" he wrote "funny... you think by censoring the TRUTH it goes away....". No, what I think is funny, is that the Dumbass Miscreant thinks there is any truth in anything he says. It's a laugh out loud riot, in fact! What I think is even funnier is that he equates deletion of his nonsensical BS with censorship. And I know he doesn't just mean censorship in some loose vernacular sense. No, he actually is so delusional that he believes he has a right to take a shit on someone else's property. I know this is what he thinks, because here is what he wrote at another blog:

did you ever hear of the 1st amendment? or will you censor me like
everyone you disagree with...


The first amendment has nothing to do with protecting a private website or blog from ugly graffiti, or exercising editorial control over what gets published. Fools are free to publish whatever they want on their own goddamned site, nowhere else unless given permission, either explicitly or implicitly. You have a right to take a dump on your own kitchen counter but not come into MY house and do your filthy disgusting business on my counter top. You can spray paint your own wall all you want, but you can't do the same to mine unless I allow you to. Only when the State forbids your opinions from being published anywhere at all is it censorship. Get the difference, you Deluded Monomaniac?

What our crazy imbecile is also too stupid to realize is that we at Skeptical Eye are doing the Lord's work. We oppose the State which is nothing but a substitute god for many, including, unfortunately, many "atheists" who have replaced a supernatural god with the god of government. By exposing the State for the false idol it is, we give support and room to other less real, but also less menacing, gods.

To the non-insane who read this, you may notice comment moderation is turned on at times. This is to prevent lunatic spammers from posting. We would only ask that you help make the insane spammers even more insanely mad by posting your comments, which, if they aren't spam, we promise to publish, even when you disagree with us strongly.

Thank you, and have a great day!

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  1. Hahahaha! I've experienced similar things. In fact, I often stumble upon new atheism forums, and on each one there are so many silly spammers who make posts such as "Scientific Proof of God - Atheists you're all going to hell!" and then their proof isn't proof of anything at all except their stupidity and how gullible they are.


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