Saturday, April 10, 2010

Obama Responsible for Rapture "Encouragement"

Yes, they're preaching it in the pulpits! The signs are everywhere! Jesus is coming soon!

"We always knew the US had to fall and to see the direction our country has taken and turning on Israel we know we are in for worse times until we are raptured".- from a comment at Rapture Ready, where they can't wait to be taken into the clouds with Jesus. As another precious member of the body of Christ put it at the same RR thread: "I'm ready to go yesterday!"

Thanks, President Obama, for hastening the departure of the lunatics among us!

Don't be left behind!

"Great video!! I too can hardly wait for the real thing..... And no I don't mean Coca-Cola". Yes, brother, amen! Don't get left behind like that fool at the end of the video. I know you're not deluded, can't be that! I mean, no sane person could doubt that will really happen someday (and someday soon, too).

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  1. If only there was a rapture... a world without Christians would be heaven on earth.

    There have been people claiming the president was the anti-Christ going back to Ronald Wilson Reagan (6-6-6). I love how egotistical the very nature of this delusion is, that America MUST play some huge role in the end times, despite never being mentioned (for good reason) in the Bible.


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