Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All Legislation Is A Crime

"Thus substantially all the legislation of the world has had its origin in the desires of one class — of persons to plunder and enslave others, and hold them as property." -Lysander Spooner

His treatise is revolutionary. I can see it banned in any totalitarian country. No ruler or government would want the people to think of such things.


But if natural law is so universal and easily understood, why do we not universally follow it? Why has legislation taken its place? Because once people began to voluntarily associate with each other to produce for themselves, others ganged together to plunder and rule over the them. As they increased their power, they systematized their actions, calling themselves government, and their actions, law. Thus, all legislation comes from one class desiring to plunder and enslave another, regarding them as property.-Lysander Spooner: All Legislation Is A Crime

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