Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Media's Unreported Campaign Contributions to the Obama Campaign

In 2000 when some in the establishment press called Florida for Al Gore - at a time when Western Florida in the Central Time Zone was still voting - it depressed the Bush vote in those western Florida counties and almost made the media wish come true.

In spring and summer 2012, the establishment press has presented us with polling data assuming/asserting that there are seven or eight or even 10 percent more Democrats than Republicans in an electorate where Gallup found the two parties evenly split. This generated polls with strong Obama leads designed to depress Republican fundraising and turnout.

The tiger has not changed his stripes. On Election Day, the establishment media will avoid such obvious unreported campaign contributions to the Obama campaign by reporting instead on what the “social media” is saying.

This puts the left’s narrative in the bloodstream while pretending not to report propaganda as one’s own but to report that others are putting out such propaganda. In 2004, there were reports in the early afternoon that John Kerry was swamping the election. I received a call from a national pollster telling me that Kerry would win with more than 300 electoral votes.-Grover Norquist from: Can the media handle election night?

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