Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cenk Uygur: "Why I'm Voting for Obama"

Another statist moron. His top reason for voting for the bankster puppet and war criminal? The Supreme Court!

What a crock!

Halloween has been over for nearly a week, but prepare yourselves for another autumn haunting this Tuesday: a swarm of Democratic liberal zombies, perhaps numbering in the millions, will darken the streets of the nation, staggering in desperate half steps toward the nearest polling place, lifeless bloodshot eyes peering into the political void, robotically intoning, “Must . . . vote . . . Obama . . . save . . . Supreme . . . Court.”

Every four years this undead political myth—the specter of a far-right takeover of the High Court that only the Democrats can prevent—rises from the grave to cast its long shadow over rational political discourse and terrify otherwise sensible people into voting for whichever corporate hireling is fronting for the Democrats.-Don’t Worry About A Romney Appointed Court

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