Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Obama Sell Off

Talk about a short celebration. Just eight hours after President Obama walked onto a Chicago stage to give his victory speech to an adoring crowd, his re-election party would come to a crashing close. As the opening bell rang on Wall Street, investors, who only days ago sought certainty, had suddenly become skeptics. The thought of four more years was suddenly not so appealing, as stocks posted their biggest one-day drop in a year.

When asked if the country was on track to be better off four years from now, Peter Schiff, author of The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy, answers an unequivocal "No."-Post-Election Sell Off: It’s All About Obama Says Peter Schiff

Schiff warns of what Obama's next four years are going to bring. A $20 trillion or higher national debt, rising prices, higher interest rates, and higher unemployment. Celebrate while you can, Dumbocrats, because the crash is coming, and then you're finished. You are going to regret big time the defeat of Romney, because if Mitt were president when this shit comes down, you could blame it on failed Republican policies. Now, you have no way out.

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